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Corporate Profile

       ZEALHO is a designer and manufacturer of RF and microwave-based components and subsystems for wireless and advanced communications industries. We are located in Hangzhou, china; deliver highly reliable customized products on time, with a focus on continuous improvement and teamwork.          

          We provide a comprehensive suite of solutions for mobile communication, distributed antenna systems, in-building, in-tunnels, television & radio base-station. We offer our customers a complementary suite of products meeting a variety of standards including waveguide filter, attenuators, RF terminations, power splitter, 3db hybrid, directional coupler, combiner, diplexer, POI and RF subsystem. These products share unique capabilities in the area of broadband frequency coverage, minimal loss, high isolation and low PIM.                                         
         We have been supplying our customers with innovative products and customer specific solutions. We serve traders, OEMs, distributors, system integrators, operators and installers in the broadcast, wireless communications, microwave market sectors.                                                 
         In pursuit of providing optimum solutions, we are dedicated to profitable and sustainable growth.We
maintain a high research and development budget of ten percent of total revenues and invest continuously in
further training for employees.Our technological capability along with our customer service strategy remains essential competencies for our success. This is achieved through cutting-edge technology, own intellectual property rightsquick response to customized requirements, operational excellence and innovative process.

We are looking forward to be your global competent partner!